In alphabetical order by name of cup

Name of CupCup No.Award ClassAwarded forAward Type
Alison Wollatt Trophy 11 Adjudicator's Choice Most promising dancer 13-22 years Solo
Baby Cup 6 Aggregate Highest aggregate in 3 solos under 7 years Solo
Champion Ensemble Award 77 Group Modern Ensemble any age Group
Cherie Nunn Stage Aggregate Cup 8 Aggregate Stage aggregate 13-22 years Solo
Connie Atkin Memorial Award 16 Adjudicator's Choice Most promising for career in dance Solo
Festival Intermediate Award 4 Aggregate Highest aggregate in 4 solos 9-12 years Solo
Festival Junior Award 3 Aggregate Highest aggregate in 4 solos under 9 Solo
Festival Senior Award 5 Aggregate Highest aggregate in 4 solos 13-22 Solo
Finch Cup 75 Group Song & Dance any age Group
Heidi Kimber Cup 7 Aggregate Junior stage aggregate under 13 years Solo
Junior Champion Trophy 2 Aggregate Highest aggregate 7 solos under 13 years Solo
Junior Personality Cup 14 Adjudicator's Choice Personality Cup under 13 years Solo
Maureen Cox Memorial Award 88 Adjudicator's Choice, Group any age Best Choreographed Group Group
Michael Nightingale Award 87 Adjudicator's Choice, Solo any age Most Enjoyable Greek Solo Solo
Most Promising Talent 15 Adjudicator's Choice Most promising takent any age Solo
Senior Classical Cup 78 Group Senior Ballet group 13-22 Group
Senior Personality Cup 13 Adjudicator's Choice Personality award 13-22 years Solo
Senior Song & Dance 15-21 Years 84 Solo Song & Dance 15-21 years Solo
Shirley Rees-Edwards Award 12 Adjudicator's Choice Most promising dancer under 13 years Solo
Tanya Allen Trophy 49 Solo Junior National Trophy Solo
Victor Ludorum 1 Aggregate Highest aggregate 7 solos 13 and over Solo

The winner of the Connie Atkin Memorial Award will be presented with a cheque for £75.

Return of Cups and Trophies

The Festival awards a number of cups and trophies. These are all aggregate awards, and usually the winner cannot be decided until the last day. All cups will therefore be presented after the finale on the last day. If a dancer feels they have a good chance of winning, but cannot attend on the last day, it would be helpful if they could delegate someone from their school who will be present to be prepared to accept the cup on their behalf.

Cup winners will be asked to sign a receipt for their cup before they can take it away.

All Cups and Trophies must be returned by 1st March 2018.

Please have your cup or trophy engraved and ensure it is cleaned before you return it. If a cup requires an addition (for example, a metal plate) to allow room for more names to be engraved then the Festival will reimburse you for the extra work on production of a receipt.

Please do not ask if you can return cups during the Festival itself. We need to organise them for presentation well in advance of the Festival.

The Festival Committee regret that if a trophy is not returned by this date, or is lost or damaged, then they reserve the right to charge the recipient for repair of that damage. The Committee also reserve the right to withhold presentation of further trophies to competitors who have not returned those they hold from the previous year.

Cups and trophies should be returned to:

Julia Ruskell
Beaufort House
130 Fleet Road
Hants GU14 9SQ

Telephone 01252 545808 (07715 047377 mobile)

e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If returning cups in person, please telephone or e-mail in advance to ensure someone is in to receive them.

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